Drones in India

Yes, Drones are now available in India! Firstly we need to understand the basics of drones and what are drones, from where we can buy them, and are drones really worth it?

What is a Drone?

According to wiki : The term drone, more widely used by the public, was coined in reference to the early remotely-flown target aircraft. To be precise, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone. Anything that can fly without a human with help of a remote control is called a Drone.

Can I buy a Drone in India?

Yes, you can buy a drone in India. You can buy drones from amazon.in and other online markets. You can also import a drone from outside India from aliexpress or similar websites.


What are Drone in India?

Indian Government has a link where you can read all the laws. click here for laws.
After reading the laws, the most important rules for flying drones in India are :

  • All the drones except the Nano Drones must be registered and issued under a Unique Identification Number (UIN).
  • The nano drones should not go above 200 feet.
  • Drones should not fly near any airport, military or any government building.
  • Permission to fly in controlled airspace can be obtained by filing a flight plan and obtaining a unique Air Defense Clearance (ADC)/Flight Information Center (FIC) number.

Drone Categories in India

  • Nano: Less than 250 grams
  • Micro: 250 grams – 2 kg
  • Small: 2 kg – 25 kg
  • Medium: 25 kg – 150 kg
  • Large: Greater than 150 kg

Note : Your drone must have a GPS, Return-to-home feature (RTH), Anti-collision light, a ID plate, flight controller with flight data logging capability and the last RF ID and SIM/No Permission No Takeoff (NPNT).

India’s No Permission, No Takeoff Policy

Before making the drone to go into the sky, you will need permission from this system “No Permission, No Takeoff” (NPNT).

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